About three-fourths of the 30,000 home inspectors in the U.S. and Canada are unwilling to do inspections right now, with all the Covid-19 dangers and orders, NACHI founder Nick Gromicko told The Wall Street Journal (reported April 1, 2020).

              Gromicko did not supply any source for that data.

              But it would mean 7,500 home inspectors are working in all of North America – and 22,500 staying home.

              In other words, 20,250 home inspectors are taking a breather — and just 6,750 inspectors still are working in the U.S., if Gromicko is right.  That’s figuring +/-3,000 home inspectors in Canada, the going guesstimate (there are no solid national numbers for home inspectors in Canada any more than there are for the U.S.).  Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area.  Just 2 (of 13) of Canada’s provinces and territories, Ontario and New South Wales, are under “essential services” stay-at-home orders as of 4/1.  In the U.S., 28 of 50 states are under similar orders.

              None of the orders expressly say home inspections are “essential” or “life sustaining” services.  Even so, the universal opinion is that home inspections qualify.

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