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Covid is NOT over.

Covid is not over. But people are so over it.            It’s still killing us. But the chance to kill it is long gone. Over One Million Americans already are dead and buried from Covid. That is more than all the Americans killed on all the battlefields in all of our...

New Name. New Home.

It’s incredible!  The Professional Learning Institute celebrates its 15th anniversary this July as the first and oldest Kentucky Pre-Licensing educator.        We’ll have to have a party.        We also took a look back – and ahead.        What makes our day? What...

NO RENEWAL FEES? Opportunity missed!

It’s deja vu all over again!  Shed a tear!                You could have had a free license this year.                Instead, kiss about $150,000 bye-bye.  That’s about how much home inspectors could have saved if 2020 fees had been waived.                That was...

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