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Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

How to Renew your Kentucky home inspectors license The most common problem we hear about the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors (KBHI) is basic — calls do not get returned. The most frequent calls seem to be questions about how to renew home inspector licenses. So here’s some advice. If you call, just leave your name and number. Meanwhile, save a call, if you’re wondering about the specifics of license renewal. The details are here, and PLI always answers your calls and questions. Call anytime.

Here’s the Checklist

I. Enclose a Passport Quality Color Photograph
a. Must be a color photograph (KBHI cannot scan black and white pictures)
b. Should be 2″ x 2″
c. Passport photos usually can be obtained at your local post office. Other retailers, including Walgreen’s and Fedex also offer passport photos.

II. Address Information — You must provide a current, physical street address. P.O. BOXES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

III. Renewal Period and Fees – By statute, renewal licenses expire on the last day of the licensee’s birth month of each even numbered year. (a) The fee is $400 for a 2 year renewal.
(b) Almost all renewals now will be for two years. The exception is new licensees (less than 1 year old).
(c) Make your checks payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.

IV. Continuing Education Course Information
(a) Proof of Completion — You must supply the original or copy of a certificate of course completion. It is better to send a copy just in case it gets lost along the way.
(b) Required Courses – each licensee must have a
minimum of fourteen (14) continuing education hours per license year prior to renewal. In addition, a minimum of
three (3) hours in report writing, three (3) hours in KRS 198B.700 to 198B.738, eight (8) hours of  technical including identification is required prior to renewal.
(c) Only courses approved by the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors will qualify as satisfying these requirements.
28 CE hours is the minimum required for standard two-year renewals.

V. Certificate of Insurance – You must submit an original or copy of a certificate of insurance that meets the following requirements:
(a) Provides for general liability coverage of at least $250,000;
(b) Lists the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors as the “certificate holder”
(c) Provides cancellation or non-renewal of the policy is not effective until the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors receives at least 10 days prior written notice of the cancellation or non-renewal; and
(d) Is issued by an insurance company or other legal entity authorized to do business in Kentucky.

VI. Copy of completed home inspection report – (a) You must submit a copy of a completed home inspection report that has been compiled within the previous twelve (12) months immediately preceding renewal. Remember, your home inspection report is required to meet the Standards of Practice you chose, ie: ASHI, or InterNACHI.
(b) You may change your SOP in your renewal application (or in writing at other times), but your report must comply with your SOP at the time of the report.

VII. Statewide Criminal Background Check Ky State Police Background Check (a) Mail completed form (address is on the bottom of that form) including a check for $20.00 made payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.
(b) Alternatively, you can get your background check in person at the KSP Frankfort Barracks.
(c) Background checks not from the KSP have been turned down (including the FBI, NCIC, Court of Appeals, and CourtNet).

VIII. FBI Criminal Background Check  

Available at  to download the form.  When you mail the completed form you must include a fingerprint card. You can get fingerprints at local places such as a Fedex store, local print shops and a local police department. Here’s a link to look in your area for local police departments.  Fingerprint places in KY.


Download your application, select the button Applications and Forms in the left column.

Note: All information on the application must be typed or printed clearly.

Mail Package: (Certified/Return Receipt)

500 Mero Street 2 NE 09
Frankfort,  KY 40601-1958

Hand Deliver: (get a signature)
The office is in 500 Mero Street 2 NE 09 Frankfort,  Kentucky 40601-1958.


500 Mero Street 2 NE 09
Frankfort,  KY 40601

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