A moving present from a recent student, Scott.  Thank you for your kindness. We appreciate it.

Scott Tate

I would like to thank Lorri Keeney for her time and the information she shared to obtain a Kentucky home inspectors license.

The information Lorri shared, with me in the first 5 minutes of speaking with her, exceeded all information I have received with multiple phone calls to other schools.

This helped me feel completely comfortable with choosing PLI as my pre-license education provider.

After finishing the eight day home inspector course with PLI, I can say I am thoroughly impressed.

From the first few minutes in class I realized that this is the best place to get your home inspector training in Kentucky.  The instructors, Steve and Lorri Keeney were very knowledgeable and were able to pass that knowledge on and keep it interesting.  In addition, both Steve and Lorri contacted me within two days of class ending to inform me of my test scores and inform me of the next steps I should take.  They also asked me how things went from my point of view. 

Furthermore, they let me know they are always available to take a call and answer questions. 

That is above and beyond, they genuinely care about your success.

When looking for your education needs in home inspections, look no further than PLI.

I went to a different school before going to PLI and didn’t get the proper training to fulfill Kentucky requirements, so be careful when choosing a school. 

If you are wondering what school to go to, I urge you to give PLI a call. I’m sure you will be happy with their commitment to you!



Chris Alford

PLI is, without doubt, the standard for Home Inspection Schools in KY. Not only do Steve and Lorri provide the very best training for new and experienced inspectors, ALL KY Home Inspectors benefit from PLI’s active advocacy for Home Inspectors at the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors (KBHI).

Board Members come and go, but Steve Keeney being listed as a guest at the Board Meetings is a constant. I’m fairly certain PLI schedules their training in such a way that Steve can attend KBHI Board Meetings and act as an Advocate for all Home Inspectors, regardless of where they took their training. Quite honestly, Steve’s attendance and active participation in the Board Meeting is REALLY pro-bono legal representation for all Home Inspectors in KY. Any KY Home Inspector that hasn’t met Steve, has a friend and advocate that they may not be aware of—-working for free (in this capacity) for the advancement of the profession. Thank you Steve and Lorri for your long-standing support for all of us!

PLI is not only a Great School, but also an Incredible Resource for Home Inspector practices, regulations, and information. They always have time to take my calls and help track down oddball information on the whacky things we sometimes run into out in the field. All PLI students receive great training; and all KY Home Inspectors benefit from PLI’s work.


Patrick Hume

A home inspector requires more than just going out to the property with a flashlight and ladder, it requires experience, knowledge, dedication and a commitment to my clients. That’s why I choose the best Home Inspection School in KY “The Professional Learning Institute” for all my up to date education needs. Steve and Lorri have been steadfast in staying up to date with the laws pertaining home inspections and teach with great dedication, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. They are the only school I would recommend for all your home inspection needs. Steve and Lorri are loyal, sincere and genuine in all they say and do. They have been there for me every step of the way, going above and beyond, no matter what time of day. I know I can call anytime and they are there to answer any questions that I may have. There are many home inspection schools out there, but none top “The Professional Learning Institute”. I would HIGHLY recommend “The Professional Learning Institute” to anyone looking to become a Home Inspector, need to advance your skills, or just need continuing education courses. Thank you Steve and Lorri for all you do. You both are greatly appreciated, more than you will ever know. Keep up the great work.

Paul Wells

I was looking for a change in career, something I can build and grow myself.  Where to start?  I saw an ad for becoming a home inspector.  I know a little about a lot of different things, nothing to call myself and expert, but why not?  You can’t make changes until you start!  From the beginning, my first call to Mrs. Keeney I have had a wonderful experience.  Polite, very organized and made you feel as if the class was tailored for you.  Clases were easy to schedule, they can fit anyone’s needs.  I chose to do mine all at once since I still have  a full time job.  Mr. Keeney is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher, who you can tell loves the career paths he has chosen.  There is no better person to teach these classes.  Even a couple of months after classes, an email sent for technical problems I was having got me an almost immediate response.  I can’t convey enough how much I have enjoyed my time with PLI. I can’t wait to see where my continuing education class through PLI takes me!

Shaun Corley 6-2018

My experience with Professional Learning Institute was amazing!  The home inspection classes were extremely informative.  The instructor truly teaches with a passion and with real life experience.  This alone exceeded my expectation greatly but after passing the national exam.  I ran into a unrelated problem with my application to the board of home inspectors.  Steve, my instructor, backed me up at the board meeting I had to attend and he was the driving force for receiving my license that day.

I am forever grateful for the support and knowledge Professional Learning Institute has given me.

Alex Sattari

Lorri and Steve,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for answering all of my phone calls and questions over the years. When I signed up for CE with PLI, I had no idea the wealth of information I would receive. You’ve answered every question that I’ve called about. The personal touch is invaluable to myself and the other alum. I use to think of CE classes as being a chore that had to be done to get my license renewed, but you guys and the other alum make it an informative and enjoyable experience.

Thanks so much. Take Care!

Jason Mattingly

Thanks Lorri and Steve for having one awesome Home Inspection course.  The time in the classroom and in the field has taught me how to pass the National Home Inspector Exam and be a licensed inspector.  The class was fun. I will tell anyone thinking about being a home inspector this IS A MUST.  I am glad to be a part of PLI and I will not recommend any other to becoming an inspector other than this school.  For a rating I gave you a 10 out 10 A+  THANKS Ernie Bauer

Ernie Bauer

Always a pleasure to learn something from PLI each time I come here for classes.

Jim Mullen

Couldn’t of asked for a better learning experience.

Collin Morris 6-2018

Always enjoy Steve’s enthusiasm and real world examples as they relate to the material.  Also, Lorri & Steve’s positivity.

Steven A. Graan

Lorri and Steve are great instructors, very knowledgeable and helpful.  Textbook is very big and confusing but good to have!

I passed the National Home Inspectors Exam yesterday and couldn’t have done it without PLI. The classroom and field work was very demanding but helpful. To anyone looking to have your brain saturated with knowledge and hands-on training, PLI is where to go.

Thanks again.

Doug Stocker

Very pleased with the class, very informative & pleasant environment.

Jordan Maynard

Excellent learning experience.  I always walk away from PLI training classes with new information that will help me to become a better inspector.

Dominick D'Urso

Class was a good mix of information and being entertaining.

Brian Barmon 6-2018

I have been coming to CE with PLI for over 10 years and I learn something new and needed every time I attend.

Mark Garr

I think information that is provided by Professional Institute is “valuable information”.  I will be back next year.

Joel Pedigo

I enjoy the knowledge and the advice to help us become better and things to be aware of in the field.  Having an inspector teach these courses is very valuable.

Joe Woodard

Great knowledge, always look forward to my continuing ed. They are great classes, I learn something new every time.

Brandon Gilliam

Hey Steve and Lorri, Thanks again for a wonderful two days. I always enjoy it. This year was just great, both locations were wonderful and great food! It really makes a difference when people go the extra mile and hats off to both of you. If I can ever help you all, please let me know, and Steve, I meant what I said, I will only be taking your CE classes, not anyone else’s.

Thanks again friend and fellow inspector.

Gary Brewer

Thanks Lorri,

You and Steve do a wonderful job of presenting the classes.

Russell Cloyd

Great class.  Great information.  I learned more today than all other classes combined.  I look forward to other classes.

Tim Mattingly

Instructor and office both were very helpful! Thank you for all the information and help.

John Russell

Very educational and informative regarding inspection news and law! Thank you.

Nicolas Hayes

I really enjoyed the course. I learned a lot and the on-site days were great. I also like that other inspectors were here on some of the days.

Daniel West

Class was great!

Joe Prichard

The class is always enjoyable and very informative.

Steve Steele

As always a good class.

Anthony Clark

Very good as always. Thank you.

Matt Combs

Don’t change anything.

Gary Newton

Give me more hugs, tell me more stories, really enjoyed the course!  Well done.


Christion House

I’m not sure where we would be without a watchdog such as yourselves.  Yes a lot what happens, or doesn’t happen is our fault as member of this group.  Our indifference to what is taken place is reflected with the boards inability to function and certainly the placement of advisors (say attorneys) why have no concept or idea of what it is that they are suppose to represent.  You remember Steve, when we were on a conference call with the attorney acting as the judge and the board attorney and how rude he was to him.  If he was not embarrassed by his rudeness, I was.  This is what we experience with the board as they become pawns to the whims of non-knowing bureaucrats.  Please stay the course!

Terry Yaeger

Steve does a great job.

Gary Shoulders

I get the best training by them than online.  I learn more hands-on.

James Burkhead

Very professional, always informative.  Thanks.

Kevin Waldrop

Great class!!!

Chad Ricketts

I took the class at [Another School] out of [State], $900.00. I got certified @ diploma.  I tried to take the state exam and found I needed KY Law and mentored inspections 16 hours. It was included in the [Another School] BUT I had to fly or drive to [State] approximately $1,000.  I called PLI and got what I needed plus room & travel for 1/2 that cost. The initial program was cheaper but more expensive in the end.  Thanks for your help PLI.

Robert Scroggin

Great information.  Steve having a law degree plus inspector you get 2-1 knowledge.

John Cordell

Thanks! Keep up the good work.  Good information!

Tony Day


Thank you, the pleasure is all mine! Only you and Steve, could make the same old story interesting each time, a true testament to PLI’s experience, character and professionalism. I think you build your business with each class, as so many return, and even bring others with them.

Greg Redmon

I just took the exam this morning, and passed. Thanks to you and Lorri, the class was a big help.

Brandon Seiter

I found PLI, and they had great reviews.  They were a little more expensive, but well worth it.  PLI keeps the classrooms small which makes for a better learning environment.  Steve Keeney, being an attorney, made me feel more comfortable with the education I would receive.  PLI provides the education in a format that allows the biggest knuckleheads to understand how to lay a path to become a good home inspector.  They offer a lot of services to assist in the career field as well.  I have nothing negative to say about PLI.

Jason Bowman

I’ve learned more from this class than from other providers.

Gary Tout

Me siento mas confiado ahora despues de aver dado esta clase. Aungue todavia tengo mucho que aprender, pero te day las gracias Steve por tomarte to tiempo y ser my informairo.

Me eiento contento aver atendido esta clase.

Hector Acosta

I got my license today.  Thanks so much, the training you guys provided made it possible.

Jimmy Rogers

These subjects are difficult to present in an interesting manner.  You made them down right fascinating.  Thank you.

Steve Pruitt

Cannot improve it.  Class was excellent.  In 15 years of home inspections, this was the most informative, and related to our business well.

David Adkins

You really made this interesting.  Have enjoyed being here.

Steve Nance

Enjoyed/learned from this session.

Mike Wilkerson

Steve speaks very well and the class in not boring; flows well on the computer.

Dan Brennen

Good – Thanks.

Bobby Fisher

Thanks for all you do.

Bob English

The class and instructor exceeded my expectations.

Jimmy Miller

Explanation of subject matter was concise and easy to understand.  Time was taken to explain any issues brought up by students.

John Morgan

I found PLI from going to the state web site and looking up state certified classes. While doing the online, if I had a question or I was just stuck, with PLI I could ask and it was answered right then. It showed me how far behind I was by doing it online, even though I have passed the national exam, I have been studying everyday to prepare myself for my first paid inspection.

The online didn’t even come close to getting me ready, I had no clue what would be on the test, so I just studied what they had sent me.

By doing inspections on different types of housing, it really helped prepare me for any situation that would arise when I start my business and having you there for questions really helped.

Thanks again for helping me get in the right direction. I think PLI is at the top of the game, I don’t think any other school has the passion and commitment that you guys have. I will use PLI for all of my continuing classes.

Dwight Griffie

Always nice to come up to PLI – good class participation – instructor very knowledgeable.

Jim Mullen

Instructor Keeney makes class interesting and easily to understand.  Very knowledgeable.

Steve Collins

Class was a good mix of information and being entertaining.

Brian Garmon

Couldn’t of asked for a better learning experience.

Collin Morris

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