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Professional Learning Institute’s Faculty regularly aides the profession and the public by providing services outside the classroom in the fields of their expertise.    These services include individual advice and consultation for home inspectors, home inspection companies, attorneys and law firms, and real estate professionals.    Professionals find that using PLI’s Faculty Consulting Services saves substantial time and expenses while improving results.  PLI Faculty bring years of experience and teaching to problems that otherwise may seem daunting.

Home InspectorFor Home Inspectors

Disputes— No professional gets more respect because they are professionals.  Instead, more isexpected of professionals than consumers.  Consumer complaints start with an edge that it is easy to overlook.  Having objective advice about what really is expected, and the rules for handling each stage is critical — in arbitration, in court or in any other forum, including licensing disciplinary cases is critical.  So is knowing what resources may be available to help.  No matter what stage a complaint may be in, staying ahead of the process, knowing what to expect, the options for coping, and the real precedents of past decisions is invaluable.  Having an experienced pro at your side, an expert who has “been there, done that,” puts the best odds on your side.  PLI Faculty consultants have gotten to the heart of the matter, laid out the options, and helped take the steps needed to get the best results, time after time.  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  You can get a seasoned PLI pro who has been down that road before and knows the right, and wrong, turns.

Licensing Issues and Complaints — Only PLI has a complete library of Kentucky Board of HomeInspectors decisions and precedents.  This unique resource is backed by the only library of audio tapes of the complete meetings of the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors.  Reading the meeting Minutes is one thing; knowing what was said and why an action was done is something far more useful. Only PLI has a Faculty member at every Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors meeting. Whether the question is how it works and how it should be handled, PLI can supply what no others can.

Prevention — Complaints are a percentage of sales in every business.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Market leaders succeed in turning complaints into compliments, instead of lawsuits. The most successful complaint management practices, contracting protocols, and concrete dispute resolution steps are not just the subject of regular PLI classes.  They also are the routine work of PLI Faculty outside the classroom.  For a complete check-up on the most current preventive practices, a PLI consultant is at your disposal.

Re-inspections & 411 Issues — Getting a 411 notice of claim triggers “strict deadlines and procedures” under the law.  Trying to look them up, and dig out whatever decisions there may be, is the long way to handle short deadlines.  How to handle the procedures, and blend them into inspecting contracts, is a regular topic for PLI consultations.

Report Writing — The latest software, the latest interpretations of the latest versions of the Standards of Practice interpretations, tuned just for the situation you’re in, gives you one more important way to get ahead and stay there.

Software —  PLI Faculty helped develop some of the leading home inspection software.

Requests from programmers continue to come in.  PLI’s report writing classes and Newsletter surveys of the software scene help keep everyone up to date.  Where a class ends and a Newsletter address everyone, PLI consulting kicks in for specific situations with the latest in software, equipment and client/business management solutions, custom tailored one to one.  PLI alums always receive discounts on software and services, in addition to access to PLI’s 7-day help desk.


For attorneysFor Attorneys

Consultations — In addition to licensed professionals experienced in most fields of home
construction and transactions, PLI’s Faculty also uniquely includes an experienced attorney also licensed as a home inspector.

PLI has supplied consulting and expert witnesses to law firms across the size spectrum, from
the region’s largest, such as Wyatt, Tarrant and Combs and Frost, Brown, Todd, to the
smallest firms and solo practitioners.  Given the relatively small number of home inspectors and controversies involving them, the majority of law firms understandably have little or no
acquaintance with home inspection law, regulations, and Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors
decisions and precedent, or with the three national Standards of Practice adopted in Kentucky and interpretations of them.  Many of the Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors decisions and precedents are unindexed and unreported, or exceptionally difficult to access, as are many of the interpretations of national Standards of Practice.  Yet, as is so often the case, the early steps in litigation can be crucial to the outcome.

Substantial “learning curve” savings, and expanded strategic options, are a phone call away for law firms and attorneys in cases involving home inspectors, real estate professionals, and residential construction issues.

If it has to do with homes, PLI has an expert on the Faculty.

Expert Witness- PLI Faculty have testified as expert witness in a wide variety of cases.  The exceptional credentials of PLI expert witnesses typically, though not universally, have been accepted by courts and the parties irrespective of a Daubert examination. The work of Faculty members teaching these subjects, and grappling routinely with tough questioning by students as well as seminar panels, lends itself to testimony before juries and to bench trials.  These are skilled and experience professionals who have spent years translating technical know-how into plain English for everyday clients and for students entering their fields. The Faculty’s ability to rapidly analyze issues and fact patterns, to prepare thorough reports on deadline, and to illustrate points with photos and teaching slides, in addition to their familiarity with many other experts in the field, all can make invaluable contributions.

The majority of engagements have focused on professional standards and duties of care, the soundness of construction, or damages.  Even so, law firms and attorneys are invited to examine PLI Faculty credentials or inquire with respect to specific needs.

ID-10061580For Real Estate Professional

The experience and technical know-how of PLI’s Faculty speeds problem solving and adds safety in transactions and in controversies.

Assistance from PLI expert witnesses is often useful for real estate professionals in a number of settings.

Among construction professionals, requested services often the focus centers around the adequacy of construction techniques and applicable standards.  PLI’s experts in all of these fields related to housing are a highly efficient and economical one-stop resource.

Among sales and marketing professionals in residential real estate, the broad range of Faculty expertise, from legal to ethical to regulatory to electrical, lends itself to efficient arms-length problem solving, even when schedules are exceptionally tight.

PLI invites inquiries of its Faculty to address specific matters in the business of real estate, seven days a week.

 One Stop Shopping

If you need it, chances are excellent that PLI has got it.  The list above helps chart the breadth and depth of PLI Consulting Services and signal some highlights.  Though these are used most often, services available for the specific or individual needs of inspectors, real estate professionals, the construction trades, and attorneys are a PLI specialty. Your inquiry is welcome seven days a week.

Expert Witness

PLI Faculty are available to serve as consultants and expert witnesses if the need arises.If it has to do with homes, PLI has an expert on the Faculty.
Expert witnesses are available in all areas affecting home inspection and real estate transactions.

Expert witness have hands-on experience in litigation settings and trial experience.
   Biographical backgrounds and other information is available to assist you in engaging the services of PLI’s experienced expert witnesses.
    * Frequently sought fields for expert witness testimony include:
            *  Standards of practice
            *  Review of reports from adverse witnesses
            *  Applications of Kentucky law and regulation to home inspection reports
         *  Ethics
            *  System and component sub-specialities, such as roofs, structure, etc. and specific standards that apply to them.

Fees are established according to the needs of each dispute. 

    PLI alums receive substantial discounts on expert witness and consulting

    Please inquire if we might assist you by calling 502-896-2020.
    (PLI does not regard email transmission as universally confidential or secure).Back to top

  Contract Review

Individual review of contracts, preferred clauses and comments to line up your SOP using KY Law.To take advantage of PLI’s offer, you must:(1) enclose a copy of your current contract, pre-license agreement, and all related papers you have your clients sign before your inspection, at the inspection or afterwards;(2) give a short description of your form of business (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, franchise or Sole Proprietorship);(3) identify your SOP (ASHI, NAHI or InterNachi);(4) give the number of employees or contractors (if applicable);(5) include your contact name, email address, and phone numbers, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to return your report; and

(6) send payment in full by a check, money order or completing the credit card information below, or call the office 502-896-2020.

An instructional and educational service that is designed to provide key information at exceptionally affordable prices by a licensed home inspector who is also an attorney. Here is your chance to have your business documents reviewed.  In today’s litigious environment, and with licensing laws now in place a little over a year, home inspectors need to operate their business professionally.  Having a well written contract, a pre-license agreement and a scope of your report can save you and your business from unnecessary complaints and possibly even a law suit. The real bonus is he is a licensed home inspector who teaches this stuff. 
What to expect
You will be notified of acceptance promptly.Allow 3 to 4 weeks for review of documents.You will be mailed a comment letter with exact language to consider for clauses or additions to your current documents.  If you require face-to-face, or a phone consultation, you will be called to schedule an appointment within 2 weeks.If you are currently involved in a law suit and request a case consult, the date of your hearing will set the priority for your call back.Only an attorney can fully advise you knowing all the personal and individual factors that may come into play.



Name _________________________________________________


Company Name: _________________________________________


Address: _________________________ Email: ____________________________


City, State, Zip: ___________________    __________   _________


Business telephone: (______)   ______   ______Cell Phone: (_____)  _____ _____


SOP:    _____ NAHI,   _____ ASHI,   _____ InterNachi.      # of employees: _____


Form of Business: ____KY LLC,  ___ KY S Corp, ___KY C Corp, ___Other(Describe)


            _____________________________________________             ________ My Contract is Enclosed


____   Option 1: Contract review                                           $525.00


____  Option 2: 1 hour consultation (face to face or phone)     $289.00


____  Option 3: Legal Case consultation (initial fee)                $575.00



Payment Enclosed:       Amount: $_________________   Check # _________________ 

                A $25.00 service charge is added for any returned checks. You agree to pay all costs & reasonable attorney fees if collection is needed.


 Credit card:  Master Card, Visa, Discover # ___________________________________

Card Verification (last 3 # on back) ___________            Expiration Date: ______/_____/_____   

Zip Code:________________        CC Billing Address:      ________________________________

                                                                   City/State:                _________________      ________


Cardmember Name ___________________________________

The cardmember acknowledges receipt of goods and/or services in the amount of the total shown hereon and agrees to perform the obligations set forth by the cardmember’s agreement with the issuer.       



Cardmember signature

 The Complaint Process

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