Now’s your chance!

Got ideas to make home inspector licensing work better, or help the Board of Home Inspectors up its game?

There’s no better time than Tuesday, October 23rd to lay them out.

Tired of the repetitive paperwork, over and over, from a administration the flaunts little gold & red “Cut the Red Tape” buttons?

Wondering why you can’t renew online – like you can, in just days, in Tennessee?

The Board has a public hearing set for Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 10 am EST at Board offices, 656 Chamberlin Ave, Suite B, Frankfort KY.  2006 2009 2012 2015(2) 2016

You not only get to speak up.  The nice thing about hearings like this is the Board has to write out responses (called a “Statement of Consideration”) for each point you make.

You don’t see that every day, as Bruce Willis reflected in Red2.  In fact, this is only the seventh public hearing like this in the entire 13 years of its existence.  Don’t expect to see another one for years.

That Statement of Consideration is an important part of the process of putting out regulations.  It’s required by law, like the hearing.  Actually, it is the only time boards are required by law to hear and respond to public input.

So now’s your chance.  Come as you are.


Licensing Requirements –

Inspector Standards of Conduct –

Education Requirements –

Technically, people planning to speak at the hearing were supposed to give a notice five days ahead.

But the Board did not exactly give you any notice at all.  It never has.

Still, we’d bet that Board members at the hearing will welcome feedback from the home inspectors they license – in time to tweak the new regulations.

Don’t expect every Board member to be there.  You get that.