Don’t Get Burned — Electrical Pointers v. 1
Are you still using those pointed screws (that don’t belong) in the panel to screw the cover back on?

Guess what happens when you do.


Say “hello” to the Emergency Room!

And, frankly, the inspector was lucky.  The house was OK.

Main Drop Arcing

Good eyes, Billy Cooper!  And great save for the homebuyer.  It’s easy to miss exterior conduit malfunctions.

Attic jumble

We’ve always said “if you can think of it, sooner or later you will see it in our line of work.  Rehab in Oxmoor Woods.

9 Panels

This job is not getting any easier!  9 panels.  These are just the shutoffs.


Vermiculite Bag

Last, a change of pace.  Most have seen vermiculite.  But have you ever seen the bag too?

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